22nd-29th April 2024

World PI Week Launches 2024 Campaign Messaging & Global Policy Calls!

World PI Week has launched its highly anticipated 2024 Campaign Messaging & Global Policy Calls, targeting the pressing issue of healthcare inequality for individuals with primary immunodeficiency disorders (PIDs) worldwide.

Key topics addressed in the campaign include:
– Reaching equitable diagnosis
– Achieving universal access to specialized care
– Ensuring quality treatments for all

Find the messaging & global policy calls available here!
Download the global policy calls here!

Through concerted advocacy efforts and policy initiatives, World PI Week aims to catalyze positive change and create a more inclusive healthcare landscape for individuals affected by PIDs.

As the campaign gains momentum, stakeholders from around the world are encouraged to join forces in amplifying these crucial messages and advocating for tangible policy reforms.

Spread the Word:
We invite you to download the translated materials now and help us spread the word. Whether through social media, community events, or educational outreach, your contribution plays a vital role in building a global network of support for World PI Week.

Together, We Make a Difference:
Remember to download the 2024 campaign toolkit and find out more about our upcoming activities As we embark on this journey of inclusivity, we look forward to seeing the impact of our shared efforts. Thank you for your continued dedication to the World PI Week cause, and for helping us reach even more individuals around the world.