22nd-29th April 2024

World PI Week 2023 Messaging and Global Policy Calls

World PI Week is excited to share the 2023 Messaging including 6 important global policy calls that will help showcase why “data” is essential to improve Primary Immunodeficiency care globally!

Discover why “data” is important for diagnosis, treatment & care, research & innovation and medical education!

This year World PI Week calls for:

  • Leveraging real-world evidence including patient-reported outcomes data
  • Robust and up-to-date national PID registries & comparable collection of data in all countries
  • Ethical, responsible and transparent use of patients’ health data
  • Collaboration and sharing of research data & results
  • Worldwide efforts to strengthen the collection of data and to shape collaborative health data ecosystems
  • Using health data to facilitate innovation and enhance health systems

Download the Messaging here.

Watch our teaser video here.

To directly access specific resources:

Download the poster here.

Download the toolkit here.