22nd-29th April 2024

Translations available for 2024 Campaign Materials

Last month, we announced the theme of World PI Week 2024:

“Access to care for all PID patients, everywhere.”
“Let’s make early diagnosis & timely access to quality treatment a reality worldwide”

What’s New:
Our posters, banners, and social media visuals have been translated into a total of 19 languages, opening up new avenues for individuals and organizations around the globe to actively participate in and promote the World PI Week campaign. Translations are now available in:
-Arabic                     -Greek               -Portuguese           -Thai
-Chinese                  -Hindi                 -Romanian             -Turkish
-Dutch                      -Italian                -Russian                -Ukrainian
-French                    -Japanese          -Spanish                -Vietnamese
-German                   -Malay               -Swedisn

How to Access:
To download the translated materials, visit our local resources page on our website.
There, you will find a dedicated section housing these resources, making it easier than ever to share and amplify the crucial messages of World PI Week.

Why it Matters:
By making our campaign materials available in multiple languages, we aim to foster a stronger sense of unity and collaboration among diverse communities. This initiative enables supporters from various linguistic backgrounds to join hands in raising awareness, understanding, and support for those affected by primary immunodeficiency.

Spread the Word:
We invite you to download the translated materials now and help us spread the word. Whether through social media, community events, or educational outreach, your contribution plays a vital role in building a global network of support for World PI Week.

Together, We Make a Difference:
Remember to download the 2024 campaign toolkit and find out more about our upcoming activities As we embark on this journey of inclusivity, we look forward to seeing the impact of our shared efforts. Thank you for your continued dedication to the World PI Week cause, and for helping us reach even more individuals around the world.