22nd-29th April 2024

Thank you ! World PI Week 2017

Dear Supporter,

Thank you!
… For taking part in the World PI Week celebrations from 22nd to 29th April, throughout the world, to raise awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency and the need for ensuring access to immunoglobulin therapies for people with PI in all countries. 

We would be delighted to receive pictures and summaries of the activities which you organised or which you joined, to include them in the World PI Week 2017 outcome report and show the dynamism and scope of the campaign. You can share them with us via info@worldpiweek.org or on social media via @WorldPIWeek.

… For joining the WPIW Photo Contest #PIctureAwarenesson Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.There is still time to share pictures until the 5th of May, send us your best one! Results will be announced on the 22nd of May and winning pictures will be promoted on WPIW website, social media channels, WPIW 2017 outcome report and be featured on next year’s WPIW poster. 

What’s next?
With an increase presence on social media and in the press, a rise in activities happening around the world and in the number of participants, the 2017 WPIW campaign shows the growing engagement of all parties around the world to bring about improvement in our healthcare systems and health policies. 
The 2017 WPIW report will be available by the end of June, and we look forward to receiving your contributions!

World PI Week 2017 has come to an end, but PI awareness is a never-ending process! Continue to share information and engage, worldwide, to drive positive change… Carry on spreading the word around you and on social media using #PrimaryImmunodeficiency, #WPIW, #WorldPIWeek and #piawareness.

View the online version here.

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