22nd-29th April 2024

Take part in the World PI Week sharing campaign!

How to get involved?
Online: Social media
From 22 to 29th April 2019, share the World PI Week postcard on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with one key fact about primary immunodeficiency, tagging a minimum of 4 people (family/relatives, friends, colleagues, your city mayor/a member of parliament in your constituency or your local government etc.). These will in turn have to share it with 4 other people! Don’t forget to let them know in your post that they shall also recirculate it, and use #WorldPIWeek!
Offline: Mailing & post
You can also download and print the postcards, to send them by mail,  with a little personalized note! This will help put primary immunodeficiency on the spotlight and bring attention to the messages of the primary immunodeficiency community.

Click here for the PDF version of this post.

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