22nd-29th April 2024

Policymaker support campaign: will you support World PI Week?

It is important to our cause to count on the support of policymakers to rapidly and effectively bring attention to the disease and contribute to driving improvements.

Policy-makers, governments and health authorities hold the key for policy
action and change to the benefit of primary immunodeficiency patients.

This is why we are looking for ambassadors to champion primary immunodeficiency worldwide.

The extent of engagement can take many different forms, but any type of support will have an impact. For instance:

  • retweeting one of the World PI Week tweets with a support message, or publishing a support message on social media using #WorldPIWeek or @WorldPIWeek
  • providing a quote or a video message for use on World PI Week website and communications collaterals
  • sharing a picture of yourself striking a Y, in reference to the World PI Week logo, to show support (#PIctureAwareness)
  • signing the World PI Week call to action
  • joining the first-ever World PI Week webinar on 22nd April, 15.00 CET which will mark the start of the campaign
  • giving an interview in the media (local/national etc), be it on TV, radio or in printed media outlets
  • hosting an event or generating policy conversations on unmet needs

If you are interested or would like to support World PI Week in this endeavour, please contact: info@worldpiweek.org

We encourage everyone to read some of the personal testimonies of those effected by primary immunodeficiency available on our webpage or at #MyPIstory to understand what keeps us going and why we are so passionate about the cause.

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