22nd-29th April 2024

Launch of World PI Week’s First Digital Comic Book: Chapter 1!

We’re thrilled to unveil Chapter 1 of our very first digital comic book!

We invite you to join Immuno-Y, an intergalactic PID researcher as he delves into the world of Primary Immunodeficiency. After the discovery of the first PID case in a distant galaxy Immuno-Y embarks on a quest to learn more about PID treatments and care on our planet. Together, let’s celebrate the innovative treatments available, shed light on the challenges, gaps, and barriers to access, and explore potential solutions.

In this chapter, Immuno-Y encounters Alex, a young boy with Primary Immunodeficiency and learns what it’s like to live with a PID and explores challenges and barriers to access faced by those with PID.

Every week this month, we will release one chapter! Don’t miss out!

Read Chapter 1 here.

Together, We Make a Difference:
Remember to download the 2024 campaign materials and find out more about our upcoming activities As we embark on this journey of inclusivity, we look forward to seeing the impact of our shared efforts. Thank you for your continued dedication to the World PI Week cause, and for helping us reach even more individuals around the world.

Download our campaign materials available here.