22nd-29th April 2024

Introducing World PI Week 2022

Our 2022 campaign is about improving access to healthcare for the millions of people living with Primary Immunodeficiency worldwide. Each of them is entitled to the correct diagnosis, quality treatment, and care. It is a matter of saving lives.


The 2022 campaign will focus on:

  • Screening and Diagnostic: Improving early diagnostics for all patients and rolling out newborn screening for severe PIDs.
  • Treatment and Quality Care: Achieving universal access to quality care and treatments for PIDs.
  • Health Awareness: Increasing preventative medicine to avoid complications in patients and promote health.
  • Research: Ensuring that patients with PID benefit from COVID-19 research and beyond.

Campaign Materials

We are excited to inform that the 2022 poster and e-banners are now available. You will also find the 2022 information toolkit, including everything you need to know about this year’s campaign and how to mark the Week. 

To directly access specific resources:

Download the poster here
Download the toolkit here