22nd-29th April 2024

Introducing World PI Week 2021

Our 2021 campaign is all about protecting and improving the lives of the millions of people living with primary immunodeficiency worldwide by supporting early diagnosis and access to care. Under this umbrella theme, the campaign will embrace three major issues:
Plasma availability
Ensuring the availability of plasma is essential to produce life-saving therapies for many patients

Patient safety & protection – focus on vaccination
By protecting each other with vaccination, we protect people with primary immunodeficiency

Quality of life
Research, early diagnosis and better access to treatment help improve patients’ quality of life

The messages house for this year’s campaign is available here.

World PI Week is getting closer and we are launching the 2021 campaign package, which can be found on the World PI Week website “resources” section. Translations will soon be available. More collaterals and tools will be launched in the next weeks. 
·      Download the logo here.
·      Download the e-posters and banners here.
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