22nd-29th April 2024

Contribute a picture for the World PI Week 2022 poster!


World PI Week is seeking quality pictures of patients, carers/families and healthcare professionals in their day-to-day environment, to feature on the 2022 campaign poster

If you would like to participate, here are some instructions:

  • Format: send us a portrait picture or photo in vertical format. 
  • Quality: please kindly take a picture with the best resolution possible with your mobile phone, computer or camera
  • Setting: ensure that there is enough natural / artificial light and that there is no backlighting
  • No colour filters, no brand logos nor personal details on the picture

Please kindly send your picture by 14 January COB (info[at]worldpiweek.org)

A consent form will be arranged for selected pictures. 
For further information, please contact the World PI Week office.