22nd-29th April 2024

Coming soon: World PI Week Roadshow Series!

To continue shining a light on the value and role of data in PIDs, World PI Week is pleased to introduce its new “Roadshow” series!

The Roadshow series will show a day in the life of a patient, an immunologist, a nurse, a researcher and an industry partner from across the globe!

The first destination will be launched on 12th of April! Stay tuned to find out where we will visit first!

Meanwhile, don’t forget to participate in our online campaign #DataforPIDs! Submit your quotes as to why you think data is important in improving primary immunodeficiency care!

Share our teaser video and help us spread the word!

To directly access specific campaign resources:

  • Download the health data factsheet here.
  • Download the messaging & policy calls here.
  • Download the poster here.
  • Download the information toolkit here.