22nd-29th April 2024

Chapter 2 of the World PI Week Digital Comic Book is Here!

Chapter 2 of Immuno-Y’s Intergalactic Adventure is out!

Join Immuno-Y in this chapter of our intergalactic adventure as he touches down in a bustling metropolis, encountering Sarah—an expert in Primary Immunodeficiency

Immuno-Y embarks on a thrilling journey with Sarah, delving into the realm of immunoglobulin treatments and celebrating innovative breakthroughs like gene therapies.

Together, they shine a light on the importance of Universal Health Coverage, advocating for access to life-saving treatments for all. 💉💡

Dive into Chapter 2 now and join us in spreading awareness and the quest for making diagnosis & availability of PID treatment & care a reality worldwide.🌍💙

Read Chapter 2 here.

Together, We Make a Difference:
Remember to download the 2024 campaign materials and find out more about our upcoming activities As we embark on this journey of inclusivity, we look forward to seeing the impact of our shared efforts. Thank you for your continued dedication to the World PI Week cause, and for helping us reach even more individuals around the world.

Download our campaign materials available here.