22nd-29th April 2024

Vaccination & PIDs

The COVID-19 pandemic has put vaccination at the front of the stage in the context of COVID-19 vaccines. But there are many other aspects to vaccination. This second episode of the ‘World PI Week Talks’ looks at routine immunization, the role of vaccination in the case of PID patients, vaccines awareness and innovation in the field of vaccines.

What are the links between vaccination and PIDs? What is herd immunity and what significance does it have for immuno-compromised patients? What about innovation in the field of vaccines? What do we know about the safety and the effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines for PIDs? What can be done to improve immunization awareness and vaccines education?

Hear from the following experts on these key topics:

  • Ruchi Saka, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER); International Nursing Group for Immunodeficiencies (INGID)
  • Prof. Kathleen Sullivan, Children’s Hospital Philadelphia

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For more information:

Resources on vaccines and immunization by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Information on COVID-19 and vaccination by the World Health Organisation (WHO)

Guidance on vaccines & PIDs by the the International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI)