22nd-29th April 2024

Rashann Fontenot

I was diagnosed with CVID in 2011 after having two severe MRSA cases
I averaged 12 to 20 upper respiratory, sinus and skin infections a year but just assumed that it was all asthma / allergy related. I received 4 opinions because I was not wanting to have to do infusions for the rest of my life. However I am grateful because the infusions have changed my life !!! I feel blessed that at least I have a diagnosis that has a treatment for it .
I have gone from having 12 to 20 infections a year to 8 in the past 12 years!!! That to me was such an incredible difference in my life .
It is extremely important to me that we promote awareness and get involved with legislative advocacy for the PI Community.
My husband and I have gone to Washington D.C. to lobby for PI patient issues and thankfully we were successful.
Being involved and understanding your diagnosis makes a huge difference in being an educated patient which makes a difference in your treatment for both you and your Medical Team .

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