22nd-29th April 2024

Misba Dastagir

I have a rare immunodeficiency called Interleukin 12 Deficiency (lL12). I was born with it and started showing symptoms as early as 3 months but was diagnosed 3 years later, in fact, the first patient reported. I’ve had many infections, and biopsies, taken an insane number of medications and was told many things were impossible for my body. One impossible thing said was to carry a child, be a mother and I’ve always wanted to. I’m a mother of two healthy children boy and a girl. Had great pregnancies, no complications and delivered naturally. However as I’m getting older my condition is definitely taking a toll on my body and neither have I met anyone with a similar condition to me or heard about anyone, there are times when I feel like an Alien or living a lie. When I get asked about my condition it seems like a small deficiency but no one knows the struggles, the effects of this deficiency on the body, and the medication that I HAD to have to survive, it’s not easy to stand where I am. But I’m happy, happy to be unique, to thrive in these climates, to be blessed with things I never thought were possible, it just gets lonely sometimes.
Thank you.

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