22nd-29th April 2024


When I was young, I was constantly sick where I caught chickenpox twice and the mumps twice, and even caught Cat Scratch Fever. It was not till my 30’s where I knew something was not right. I went to doctor after doctor for years, thinking I was a hypocrite. One day, I walked in an immunologist/allergist office. I told him I was at my wits end. He said ‘go upstairs, give blood and come back down to get the pneumonia vaccine and come back in a couple days and give blood again, then we will have another appointment’. At the appointment, he told me I made absolutely no antibiotics from the vaccine, that was my diagnosis, CVID. This was 2009 and it was both crushing and a relief that I was not crazy. Now I do subcutaneous infusions 2X month, and I have come to accept this strange condition. There are good days and bad days, I’m glad to say there are more good. The fact I can live on a sailboat and do my injections at home, is amazing.

Much love,


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