22nd-29th April 2024

Emma Rogers

When I was 16 I was rushed into hospital with Chronic pneumonia. I was hospitalized for two weeks and doctors performed various tests to figure out why I had acquired this illness. With a vast history of consistent infection none was unable to pin down why. Luckily a wing commander specializing in Immunology ran some tests on my immune system. He diagnosed me with the rare CVID (Common Variable Immune deficiency). I was quickly put on IV immunoglobulin, this took six hours every three weeks. This was not ideal as it stopped me from studying during my A levels. I was then told I could infuse from home subcutaneously (in my tummy). I was trained to do this and I have been doing this ever since (almost 12 years). I have recently started infusing using three butterfly needles in my stomach and syringes, this takes just 15 minutes, once per week. CVID hasn’t stopped me doing anything in my life, I went to university, I go on holiday I lead a normal healthy life. I just hope to raise awareness so that people who have low immune systems are properly checked. EmmaBest jordan SneakersJORDAN BRAND

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