22nd-29th April 2024

IPOPI publishes a new series of PID leaflets

IPOPI has since 2011 been producing primary immunodeficiencies (PID) information leaflets and a new series has just been published. This last series comprises 3 leaflets dedicated to: ‘PIDs and infections’, ‘PIDs and allergies’ and ‘PID and psychological management’, all with very helpful information and guidance for patients, their families and extended community.

  • ‘PIDs and infections’ covers the range of infections that can affect people with primary immunodeficiencies and how they can best be prevented and treated.
  • ‘PIDs and allergies’ explains why some primary immunodeficiencies are linked with allergies and how these allergies can best be handled.
  • ‘PIDs and psychological management’ looks in detail at the psychological impact that PIDs can have, in children, parents and in adult patients, suggesting various coping mechanisms and highlighting many sources of support.

IPOPI is pleased to make these leaflets freely available in English and expects new translated versions to be available soon with the invaluable help of its national member organisations. You can find them and all other editions of IPOPI leaflets in ebook and pdf versions on the IPOPI website. Sample hard copies can be requested to info@ipopi.org. IPOPI wishes to thank Shire for their support towards the production of the new edition of leaflets!

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