22nd-29th April 2024

IASO Children’s Hospital will have its 11th Scientific Seminar in Greek!

The lectures of the 3rd Session (4:30 – 16:00 [EET]) will focus on Primary Immunodeficiencies – Immune-mediated diseases

As World PI Week approaches, more and more events take place globally. IASO’s Children’s Hospital is organising its 11th Scientific Seminar (hybrid) in Greek! The 3rd session focuses on Primary Immunodeficiencies. 

Chairs: Maria kanariou, Stylianos Grafakos, Talia Tsivitanidou – Kakourou

Paraskevi Maggina: Complex Manifestations of Inborn Errors of Immunity / Primary Immunodeficiencies

Ioanna Barbounaki: Diagnostic Approach of Prolonged Fever and Recurrent Fever Episodes  

Lampros Fotis: Juvenile Dermatomyositis  

Live streaming link: https://avolution.nowlive.events/all/node/95