WPIW updates

In this section you will find key highlights and news on the WPIW campaign. 

World PI Week editorial in Frontiers in Immunology!

25.06.2018 - The World PI Week editorial "Changing the Lives of People With Primary Immunodeficiencies (PI) With Early Testing and Diagnosis" is now published in Frontiers in Immunology. 

Click here to download the editorial.

Read the editorial online here.

World PI Week report 2018 is out!

14.06.2018 -  It is World Blood Donor Day and we are delighted to share the outcome report of the WPIW 2018! 

The 2018 campaign was about: telling the world about what it is like living with PI, enhancing knowledge on PI diagnosis and treatment: there is no health without knowledge, empowering patients, connecting the dots: uniting patients & blood donors. 

Read the accompanying press release "Actions speak louder than words: 8 days of recognition of PI around the world" here

And today, we would also like to highlight that immunoglobulin therapies, a life-saving treatment for people with PI, are extracted from plasma and are 100% dependent on plasma donation. Plasma donation is of vital importance for people with PI and other rare diseases!

And the winners are...

05.06.2018 - Congratulations to the winners of the World PI Week 2018 photo contest #PIctureAwareness: APIP Puerto Rico, UMAE Paediatric Medical Centre Mexico, and Ms Hernandez Pel!

World PI Week wishes to thank all participants in the photo contest for their engagement and their dynamism.

World PI Week campaign stars 2018

23.04.2018 - We are delighted to announce the World PI Week campaign stars 2018. Our sincere thanks to all of them for their engagement and contribution to the World PI Week!

Scroll your mouse over their names to read their inspiring stories.

It is World PI Week!

22.04.2018 - The Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) community invites people all around the globe to join forces during the “World Primary Immunodeficiency Week” (22-29th April) to raise awareness about PI and advocate for positive changes that will ensure a timely testing and diagnosis of the diseases.

Early testing and diagnosis of PI makes a world of difference for people with PI, and this is the message that we are spreading all over the world this week! The official WPIW 2018 press release is available here.

Read more here.

Join the WPIW photo contest 2018, colour code: blue & green!

22.04.2018 - What does the World PI Week mean to you and how are you celebrating the campaign? Let us know in colours! 
Submit your WPIW picture featuring the colours of the campaign (blue/green) between the 22nd and 29th of April, via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram using #PIctureAwareness, to get a chance of winning! 
Successful pictures will be featured in upcoming campaign materials…

New materials on early testing and diagnosis of PI available!

5.04.2018 - A new brochure on early testing and diagnosis of PI is launched today. It features 12 key messages on the importance of early testing and diagnosis in the management of PI, but also on the challenges preventing a timely diagnosis; and provide recommendations to drive improvement.

A leaflet version (canva format) is also available to be printed and shared widely!

Care and share the official WPIW video!

22.03.2018 - The official World PI Week video is out! Today we launch a new advocacy video to help raise awareness about the importance of early testing and diagnosis and timely access to treatment for people with PI. Help disseminate the PI patient voice by sharing widely the video with your family, friends and colleagues! The video is available in English with subtitles in English, French and Spanish.

Watch the videos here

Research is hope for early diagnosis, treatment and care of PI!

28.02.2018 - On Rare Disease Day 2018, the Primary Immunodeficiency Community under World PI Week joins forces with rare disease advocates to outline the importance of medical research and encourages Governments, health authorities, and investors in all countries to further support and stimulate rare disease research to change the lives of patients.

2018 World PI Week official poster is out!

22.01.2018 - Today, we are delighted to release the official poster of the 2018 World PI Week! The poster reveals the slogan of this year's campaign: "My future starts with early testing and diagnosis of Primary Immunodeficiency". Share it with your networks, family and friends to spread the word about PI and World PI Week!

The poster is also available in various languages in the "local resources" section. 

Nominate World PI Week Campaign Stars!

10.01.2018 - This year, the World PI Week will feature for the first time "Campaign Stars". The “Campaign Stars” will celebrate examples of inspiring engagement in World PI Week or exceptional impact/efforts, for the World PI Week community and beyond. Read through the attached note to know more about this initiative and how to participate to nominate and vote for Campaign Stars!

WPIW Opinion Article in Frontiers in Immunology

19.09.2017 - The Editorial 'Ensuring Access to Immunoglobulin Therapies for People with Primary Immunodeficiency: A Need to Improve Individuals' Quality of Life and the Sustainability of Health-care Systems', co-authored by Prof. Ahmez Aziz Bousfiha, Carla Duff and Elena Hsieh on behalf of World PI Week is now available in Frontiers in Immunology as an opinion article.


When Primary Immunodeficiency awareness and political advances meet

20.07.2017 - Spotlight on the main successes of the 2017 edition of the World PI Week campaign in this outcome press release "Public and Government eyes on Primary Immunodeficiency (PI) during World PI Week 2017 leads to political action".

WPIW 2017 report is out!

19.07.2017 - View the WPIW 2017 campaign report, shining the light on many successful stories and key achievements of WPIW 2017, at regional, national and local levels, in raising awareness of PI to ensure improved access to life-saving immunoglobulin therapies for PI patients worldwide. 

World PI Week 2017 photo contest: And the winners are...

23.05.2017 - A month ago, World PI Week just started. To mark this milestone, the World PI Week Committee is delighted to announce the results of the World PI Week 2017 Photo Contest #PIctureAwareness held from the 22nd to 5th of May 2017 on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  

But first, thank you to all participants in the contest. We received many pictures showing your joy and engagement in celebrating the campaign, all over the world. 

The two winners of the photo contest are:

the International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiencies (IPOPI) team 

- Maverick and the Akron Zips Men's Soccer team 

Congratulations to the IPOPI team and to Maverick and the Akron Zips Men's Soccer team!


Thank you ! World PI Week 2017

View the online version here.

Take part in WPIW photo contest : #PIctureAwareness!

Take part in WPIW photo contest : #PIctureAwareness!

29.03.2017 - During WPIW 2017, the WPIW committee is organising a photo contest on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to further raise awareness of Primary Immunodeficiency!

From the 22nd to 29th of April, share your WPIW picture with us on social media via #PIctureAwareness and get a chance to have it featured on the WPIW 2018 campaign poster! The two winning pictures will also be promoted in the WPIW 2017 outcome report, relayed widely via WPIW communication channels, and winners will receive a WPIW thank you award from the WPIW Steering Committee.

Winning pictures will be selected by the WPIW Committee and announced on the 22nd of May 2017.

- Pictures must exclusively relate to WPIW (activities, events held from 22-29th April, people taking part in the campaign etc) and be posted either on Twitter, on Instagram or on Facebook between the 22nd and 29th of April included.
- Each participant can only post one picture - Choose your best one!
- Use the hashtag dedicated to the photo contest when posting your picture on social media (#PIctureAwareness) and also add #WPIW to your publication
- The WPIW team reserves the right to remove from its communication channels without prior notice any picture that would relay violent, indecent messages or any picture it feels inappropriate to the context and purpose of the initiative
- Pictures shall meet the above criteria to be considered by the WPIW Committee during the selection process of the winning entry

World Primary Immunodeficiency Week 2017 is ongoing!


View the online version here

WPIW 2017 campaign materials available

08.03.2017 - The WPIW campaign infographic on immunoglobulin therapies, poster and e-banner are now available on WPIW website here.

Translated versions in French, Spanish, Italian, German and Arabic are available here and more to come! 

Bookmarks with patients and professionals testimonies on access to immunoglobulin therapies will soon be available. 

WPIW supports Rare Disease Day!

28.02.2017 - Today, on the occasion of Rare Disease Day, WPIW expresses full support to the awareness-raising campaign and calls for increased research on Primary Immunodeficiency diseases. WPIW press release is available here.

WPIW 2017 campaign poster is out!

27.02.2017 - The WPIW 2017 campaign poster is now out! It is available on WPIW website here in five different versions to enable you to choose your favourite ones in order to spread the word and make the 2017 WPIW edition an even more successful one! 

WPIW 2017 campaign materials soon available

23.02.2017 - Here is a preview of the WPIW 2017 campaign poster. More to come soon...

WPIW 2017 campaign theme announced

13.12.2016 - The 2017 WPIW campaign will focus on access to life-saving immunoglobulin replacement therapies for persons with primary immunodeficiency. Spread the word!