Top 10 shareable materials

This lively section provides you with a selection of 'top 10' materials shared by WPIW network of stakeholders to help you raise awareness of PI. Spread the word! 

"10 Warning Signs" Video

(Immunodeficiency Canada)

Immunoglobulin replacement therapy - One size does not fit all

(International Patient Organisation for Primary Immunodeficiency - IPOPI)

SCIG infusions – a practical guide for patients


When to give Immunoglobulin replacement therapy


Is it just an infection?

(Immune Deficiency Foundation - IDF)

Our Immune System children's book


10 Warning Signs of PI 

(Jeffrey Modell Foundation - JMF) - available in over 44 languages

Immune System poster adults / children

(JMF) - available in 13 languages


4 Stages of Testing for PI