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8 top tips for creating a successful event



Before planning your World PI Week event, why not take some time to see what approach other people have taken. We've picked out a few favourites from 2012 on the Be Inspired page, or you can browse all events on the global events map. Also, be sure to take a look at the Tools page, where you'll find useful downloads for event planning. 


Make sure you have the contact details of your national alliance or of  a country organize to receive support. If you need  assistance in finding  your national  organization , click here to see information about the global PI community. If your country doesn’t have a national organization, then contact us. We’re happy to help! Email us at


The World PI Campaign targets to a diversified audience made up of healthcare professionals, patients, teachers and family carers. Test run your ideas with some people from your auduience group to make sure you're on track. 


Make sure you start to advertise your event well advance of the week, and if possible, follow up with new bits of information about the event in both weeks leading up to your event. 


It's important that the event you’re about to organize reinforces the spirit of the global campaign. We've put together loads of material for you to use - to help make your event colourful and inviting and on brand; use of these official materials really helps to spread awareness and recognition of our messsage.  In the resources section you will find audience specific toolkits (for example - for teachers or health professionals), the official logo, poster and postcards, and any materials that have already been translated into your language. 

Some ways in which other people have used these materials are:

  • Posters / images
  • Balloons
  • Stickers, badges and flyers
  • Banners
  • T-shirts
  • Coordinated letter/email campaigns to local policy or national policy decision makers


Don't be shy! Let the press know about your event - even if it is small, your local newspaper may well be interested. If you're part of an organisation, you could prepare a press release to make it easy for the press to pick your story up. If you're not sure how to go about contacting the media, visit the Tools page to download information about how to share your event with them. 


Socail media makes it easy and free for you to create an online presence for your event. You can set up your event in Facebook, create a Twitter account for it, and prepare a You Tube account to share videos after the event has taken place. Don't forget to connect with us too - we'll share details of your event with all our followers as well. This campaign is all about communities, and we want to encourage you to become active participants. 

Here are a few ways to interact with us on social media:

  • Follow us on Twitter - we'll follow you back: / @WorldPIWeek
  • Like our World PI Week  Facebook page:
  • Share this website with your own followers by clicking on the green share button at the top right of every page - or by clicking on the sharing links within the World PI Week Sotry Book on the homepage
  • Share your activities around WPIW with us, to increase your visibility
  • Share your stories about access to treatment, diagnosis, community support, etc.
  • Post on our Facebook wall with pictures and comments on the campaign and your event
  • Share informaton about activities happening in your city
  • Send us direct messages on Twitter if you have questions about the campagin

NB: Remember to use the hashtag #WPIW every time you tweet about your event or PI in general - if we all use the same # our visibility is stregthened. 


Please make sure to take plenty of photos and videos at your event. These visuals bring the event to life, and will help you (and us) to promote WPIW 2014. Additioanally, it's a great way to bring event attendees to your website and / or social pages following your event. Remember though that all photos are not creted equal! Find someone who loves taking photos and give them the task of capturing the event for you. After the event, save your photos to Facebook (or another site) and your upload your videos to You Tube. And please let us knwo where they are! (Or just send them direct to: