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Some of our favourite events

Here are some great examples of the way our NMO and corporate communites have made the most of World PI Week around the world. For tips on putting on your own event, view our Top Tips section.

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Moroccon NMO Hajar wins the IPOPI collaborative event grant!

IPOPI's Moroccan NMO, Hajar, has won the IPOPI WPIW Collaborative grant and is now very busy organising a multi-stakeholder local awareness-raising campaign!

Hajar’s campaign will feature a PID Spring school event focusing on Gene Therapy, a Family Day, a fundraising Gala Dinner, a Blood collection day programme focusing on IVIG supply, and a meeting with the Moroccan Health Minister. All these events will be supported and promoted through a local media campaign and involve a range of stakeholders to raise awareness. Check back here after the 2013 campaign for an update.

This special grant was made available to award the best NMO proposal involving patients but also other stakeholders such as doctors, nurses, politicians, etc.  IPOPI received numerous great applications, besides Morocco including Argentina, Brazil, Iceland, India, Portugal and Spain which made the final decision very difficult to our Board Members. We're delighted that IPOPI is so committed to continuing to support the national implementation of World PI Week now and in the future.

WPIW events in Sweden
Sweden goes wireless

Swedish patient PI Organization (PIO) took their events online - and on the airwaves! PIO organised two online lectures about PI and the immune system, given by Professor Ann Gardulf and Professor Anders Fasth; both well renowned for their expertise and dedication to PI. PIO also arranged for a radio interview with Professor Ann Gardulf and a PI patient during WPIW. (You can listen to the original broadcast here.) 

Belgian patient and physician groups take action
Belgian patient and physician groups take action

In Belgium, the Belgian Organisation for Patients with Primary Immunodeficiencies (BOPPI) put stands in several public places to highlight and increase awareness of primary immunodeficiencies. They also distributed bags and pocket cards printed with ‘the 10 warning signs’ and sold special Belgian sweets. The Belgian Primary Immune Deficiency (Physician) Group (BPIDG) also organized their bi-annual scientific meeting on the defects of the innate immune system with attendance from more than 60 physicians.

The local Baxter team, who supported BOPPI in these events, adapted the PI poster to include the first step of diagnosis to the warning signs. The poster was then distributed among PI experts in Belgium.

Video showing a baby with PID
Brazil tugs at heartstrings

The Brazilian Association of Immunodeficiency (ABRI) wanted to raise awareness of the importance of early diagnosis and the most appropriate treatment for PI patients. A key element of their campaign was the creation of a short, moving video showing a young baby being treated for PID. Watch the video here or visit the ABRI wbesite for more information. 

Nationwide activity in Argentina from AAPIDP
Nationwide activity in Argentina from AAPIDP

In Argentina, the Association for PI patients (AAPIDP) organized several events during World PI Week throughout the country.

  • The association shared a stand with the Transfusion Medical Network (TMN), in central Buenos Aires. TMN and AAPIDP worked together to create awareness of the need for blood as well as bone marrow donations. Leaflets were distributed and posters displayed, and they even managed to organize blood donations on the spot.
  • Roberta A de Pena, president of AAPIDP attended a “Photographic Exhibition” on ‘the 10 warning signs’ of PI at the University of Córdoba.
  • In another province, Tucumán, a meeting at the local children´s hospital brought together physicians, nurses and biochemists to learn more about PI. While in the city of Rosario, Dr Oleastro and Dr Galicchio spread awareness of PI at the children’s hospital Victor Vilela. In the Palermo Parks in the city of Buenos Aires an advertising trailer distributed leaflets to the general public.
  • During the week, a number of articles were published in the media, newspapers, magazine and websites. Radio and TV programmes broadcast information and leaflets were handed out in hospitals, universities, schools and on the street. 
WPIW events in Spain
Children’s voices sent to Spain

Baxter Spain celebrated World PI Week with an innovative internal event to raise awareness of PI. For this event, the team developed an excellent voice over using the voices of two employees´ children. This voice over was sent to all employees’ voice mail so that they could hear it upon arrival at the office. The message explained in simple terms what PI is and why it is important to detect it early. It also announced that employees would receive more information and encouraged them to share it with friends and family to ‘fight’ PI. Printed leaflets were distributed to all the Baxter employees in Spain (Madrid, Valencia, Sabiñánigo) and posters of ‘the 10 warning signs’ were posted on notice boards in canteens.

IPOPI Miracle Book

During the last biennial meeting IPOPI compiled the ‘Miracles’ achieved by the organization's members in the past year in a ‘Miracle book’ which was afterwards turned into an animation that can be found here